Sunday, February 28, 2016

Welcome to a New Journalistic Venture

When I first got more involved with the freelance portion of my extended "career" as a sports journalist, I had the option of contributing to a SportsTalk blog on The Morning Call's website.

SportsTalk was an outlet for some of the views and interviews that didn't make the print edition of the newspaper for one reason or another but might have been of interest to people who were reading my stuff there.

I found that to be great fun, and I think I was able to give Morning Call readers some added insight that they weren't getting from other media outlets in the area.

That worked out fine for a number of years, but in conjunction with the most recent redesign of the website, some of the blogs were eliminated. SportsTalk was one of them, and because I'm not an active full-time member of the staff, I lost my soapbox.

Maybe "Ramblings From the Bench" will give it back to me.

What can you expect?

Hopefully, some insight into things I'm writing about -- the Lafayette College football program, some auto racing (the Andretti family, Sage Karam, Pocono Raceway, etc.) and tidbits from a bunch of other sports as they pop up.

I don't know right now how regular these things will be, but I'm planning to have fun with it, so that could mean I'll be looking for stuff to write about. If you have an idea, don't hesitate to toss it my way.

Let's get on with it!  

1 comment:

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