Thursday, July 26, 2018

Leopard report from league media teleconference

Well, the 2018 college football season kicked off officially today with a teleconference featuring the seven coaches of the Patriot League.

The league used to have a nice luncheon and interview time, followed by a round of golf for the media who chose to play, at the Green Pond Country but apparently because the schedule has a different look this year, the league decided on the teleconference.

I liked being able to talk to the coaches and face-to-face and to pick up lots of good media-guide type information to get me through the year. I think the league got a pretty good bang for its buck, too, with newspaper writers and bloggers coming in and television and radio people also showing up. It was a great convenience for all.

But, there I sat, in front of my computer and with telephone and recorder at the ready anyway. Ryan Sakamoto from the league office did a great job of coordinating the thing, but it did lack the personal touch of other years.