Friday, June 24, 2016

Lafayette football: A useful purpose for those cowbell ringtones?

Leopards who are taking part in the first four-week summer training session of 2016
gather around the Brian Keller memorial in Bourger Varsity Football House. I
wonder what Donna Holden's eligibility is! The photo was posted by "Andy"
on the Lafayette Sports Fan Forum.
The guys on the Lafayette Sports Fan Forum are getting ready -- and maybe a bit antsy -- for the start of the new season. On the group's chat room site in the week or so, they have become engaged in a thread entitled, “Do you think fan support makes a difference?”

The thread was started by a poster with a handle  of “1990honda” and it’s obvious he’s new to the group. I’ve known the real identity of only two or three of the guys on the site, but that doesn’t stop me from doing a bit of investigating.

“1990honda” mentions Camden County, Ga., and a look at the Lafayette roster reveals that freshman linebacker Kevin Hutchinson is the latest Georgia addition to the Leopards’ defense -- and from Camden County. “1990honda” also mentions a daughter at Vassar, and Hutchinson’s football bio lists a sister at Vassar.

Anyway, the gist of the thread is that the football atmosphere at Lafayette is vastly different – and not necessarily better – than that at Camden County, Ga., where “1990honda” says, “We immediately got infected by the football fever” generated for the high school program.  He goes on to talk not only about cheering fans, but also the clang of cowbells.

“Bogus Megapardus,” who’s "caricature"  on the LSFF is a guy with a bag over his head  -- remember the NFL’s famous  New Orleans “Aints” of 1980? – countered “1990honda” by calling the Lafayette following “more of a golf-clap crowd at Fisher” and later says “Noisy distractions and a circus-like atmosphere would never go over well at Fisher Field.”

But along with those comments, BM (a politically incorrect acronym, if I must say so myself) suggests that all Leopard fans set the ringers on their cell phones to “cowbells.” In fact, he takes it even further, searching out and providing LSFF followers with Android, iPhone  and Windows Phone links for the sound of cowbells and a lion’s roar (the closest he could find, I guess, to a roaring leopard).